File Extension Docx

The file extension DOCX is associated with Microsoft Word Office documents from 2007 (Office 12) on. The X has been added to the end to denote that the files are now in Open XML format, an international standard. XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML simply defines the various portions of the text by enclosing them in tags. The use of XML has essentially ended the problems of compatibility between software platforms. All that is required is a translator that can read the tags. However, not all problems have been solved with the incorporation of XML.


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On the Macintosh platform Microsoft Word 2008, Panergy docXConverter, and Apple Pages with iWork 2008 and up will open DOCX files. Those who run Linux can use OxygenOffice Professional or with an Odf-Converter for DOCX files. Windows users can open them with Microsoft Word 2007, OxygenOffice Professional, and NativeWinds Docx2Rtf, and Panergy with docXConverter. Recognizing that all users of previous Word versions would be unable to open DOCX files a free Compatibility Pack can be downloaded for Word 2000, XP, and 2003. Similarly will work with the Odf-Converter installed.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Docx

DOCX files use ZIP compression on the Windows platform, and sometimes SIT (Stuffit) compression for Macintosh. This reduces their storage size. Programs to unzip these files are usually installed on purchased computers, and can be downloaded for free on the internet if needed.

One immediate issue that users have encountered is that due to the files being zipped, sometimes text editors such as NotePad will not instantly open the files. A possible fix for this is to copy the file (retaining the original as backup). Change the file extension to ZIP, and then open what will then be presented as a ZIP folder. This should break out the individual XML files which can then be opened.

Registry errors can cause problems with opening files. or offer a free registry scan and booster to fix errors. This is certified safe by Microsoft.

DOCX files may display differently at different workstations, even though both use the same version of Word.

The most common problem encountered is that there are hundreds of thousands of users of older versions of Microsoft Word in use that will not open DOCX files. Microsoft provides a free Compatibility Pack to download at their web site that will work for Word 2000, 2002, and 2003. This Pack will allow you to open DOCX files and save them to previous versions. Editing may or may not be possible. Several translators, not developed by Microsoft, are also available on line.

Features that will not translate to older versions include equations, themes, content controls, tracked moves, margins, relative text box positioning, bibliographies and citations, Office Art, charts and diagrams, and custom XML. Other features may not refuse to function but may behave differently. This can include important functions such as Mail Merge.

It is possible for DOCX files to be corrupted by viruses, bad saves, and Vista problems. Software programs such as Word Repair and Recovery Toolbox for Word may be able to restore such files.

Most of the problems with DOCX files is related to the conversion of the millions of documents stored worldwide in the older DOC format. Since DOC has been the global standard for content documents for nearly twenty years there is great resistance to making the change to a new format, no matter how good it is supposed to be. One particular example of this can be seen in the realm of scholarly publications. Many such publications including “Nature” and “Science” do not accept manuscripts in DOCX. The reason for this is that the software application used for peer review and editing and post-editorial production has been built on the stable Word DOC environment. The task of upgrading to deal with the DOCX format would not be seamless and would be likely to disrupt the regular publication schedules of journals. Problems of this nature can be found in many other niches as well.

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